Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In My Studio

I've wanted to post pics of my "studio" since I started this blog. OK, I don't know that it's worthy of being called my "studio" because that gives the impression that I'm an artist. I don't think I'm an artist. I'm just crafty. And there is a difference between the two.

So, I've wanted to post pics but I was always waiting for the space to be "perfect", picture worthy and, of course, tidy and organized. It's the tidy factor that has delayed me from posting this until now. I realized that this space is constantly evolving and may never be "perfect". So, after a bit of reorganizing and tidying over the weekend, I snapped these pics so you can get a glimpse of my space. This is where all the creative magic happens! I'm sorry about the poor quality of some of these. I tried to edit them but the originals jsut aren't very good. Something is off with my camera.

The room is located at the front of our house, just inside the front door. It has a double doorway (without a door, so my creative mess is always visible!). We've considered hanging a curtain in the doorway, but I'm sure Taylor would have it torn down in no time! The pic at the beginning of this post was taken standing in the doorway. The other side of the room is home to mu husband's office, which is really 2 bookcases (1 of which I've taken over) and his desk.

My beloved sewing station. My machine is a Singer Simple. I LOVE it and highly recommend it as a beginner machine. All of my sewing supplies, including the machine were Christmas gifts last year from my mom and my husband. The table is from Micheal's. The sewing basket is from JoAnn's and I absolutely LOVE it! I picked it out and took a pic of it for hubby. When I opened it on Christmas morning, my mom said "That is so YOU". It really is. The dress form is from a local store called The Alley (I think they are a small chain) which has some really cool home decor items. The stool (visible in the first pic) is from Target and I plan to alter it at some point. I'll probably paint the legs white and cover the seat with fabric that matches my sewing machine

The drawers in my sewing table hold bobbins, fat quarters and other sewing supplies. This bottom section stores my collection of Mary Ann Kohl books and a couple of my sewing reference books. It's also the full depth of my sewing tabletop so it's perfect for storing long rolls of tissue paper, freezer paper, and iron-on vinyl.

This cabinet is to the right of my sewing station. Wall space is at a premium in this small room, so I've taken advantage of the doors for storage. By the way, I got the thread rack at a thrift store for $3 and had hubby spray paint it white. The crates above (which really need covers!) are filled with dishtowels/napkins, clothes I plan to sew with and other fabric.

This is the inside of that cabinet. As I said, my space needs a little organizing and tidying! The cabinet houses all my scrapbook paper. The white cube with dividers has all my 12x12 solid cardstock. The paper in the upper left is my patterned paper stash. Yes, I know I have a problem! The magazine file boxes in the center hold my 81/2x11 solid cardstock. All of my solid colored cardstock is from Stampin' Up. I just can't use any other brand after using theirs. I love it.

This is the wall that my sewing station is against. It has a few hooks for our smocks, and some inspiration boards.

This wall is to the left of my sewing station. The white buffet houses a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I probably need to sort through and purge ;). The card catalog is a special treasure and I'm going to share more about it in a separate post. It holds most of my embellishments.

This is my storage to the left of the card catalog. It holds my paper cutter, stencils and templates, a basket of scrapbooking magazines some other display item and a fabric cube filled with small storage containers. Up top are 2 altered lunch boxes I made to hold photos of Taylor. The cubes below are drawers that hold my ribbon, and punches.

This shelf holds some special momentos including my angel "Millie". She's worthy of her own post, too, so I'll share that story another day. It also holds all my Stampin' Up ink pads.

These shelves sit on the end of my desk against the wall. The boxes and baskets hold my frequently used tools, adhesives, rubber stamps and photos.

This is my K&C company basket in Amy Butler fabric. I got this basket on clearance at Michael's for the rock bottom price of $5.99!

This is my lazy susan with a thrift store tray on top that holds my pens, pencils, scissors and paint brushes.
My stash of acrylic paint.

This bookcase is in the far corner of the room, opposite my desk. The cabinet below holds my collection of "Trash to Treasure" goodies. Everything from things to be altered, to product packaging, paper bags, etc. I'll do a separate post on that so you can see the "trash" I save and what I use it for. The shelves above hold my cricut, my cartridges and my craft books.
This stack of baskets holds Taylor's paper, stickers and cookie cutters

This caddy sits on Taylor's table at the end of my desk and holds her crayons, markers and other goodies! These are well used and within easy reach so she can easily create whenever she feels inspired!
There are a few other details and storage solutions that I'll share with you in the future. If you have any questions about my space, please ask! I'd love to hear your comments! :)


Ashley said...

Look at all that awesome stuff! I love seeing other people's studios/workspaces ;)

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love your studio! I am a sucker for studio pictures. I absolutely would call it a studio, sounds so fun to me! ;) These are my favorite rooms in the whole world. Something about all the creativity just waiting to happen in there...sigh. I love how bright and colorful yours is. Beautiful.


Crafty Mom said...

I love looking at other people's studios, too! I get sooo much inspiration from it and I love to see how other people organize their goodies!

j.g.photography said...

Actually, I think you are an artist.

artist n. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value

So I'd go on calling it a "studio"
Love your blog by the way.

Crafty Mom said...

Thanks, Jess. Maybe I'm an artist afterall. ;)

Karen said...

Hi Jess,

I stumbled across your blog through some other craft blogs. Really like it! I have been searching for bloggers who are posting pictures of their "studio's" or craft spaces. I really like yours alot. Seems like a great place to create projects.


sarah hill said...

dang! you are much more serious about your crafts than me! hahaha...now i feel intimidated!! :)

Crafty Mom said...

Oh, Sarah, don't be intimidated :) Be inspired! I will simply share with you all that I know and drag you into the depths of my addiction! I warned you I had a problem ;)