Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recycled Toddler Dress to Preschooler's Skirt - Tutorial

I love this dress! It's size 18months so my 3yr old outgrew it long ago. But, I just couldn't part with it. Well, now that she's so into skirts, I decided to turn the dress into a skirt. To do this, I simply placed a skirt in her current size, on top of the dress. I added about an inch to the length to give her room to grow.

Then, I sewed a waistband with some scrap fabric that I had. First, I used elastic from an existing elastic waistband a pair of her pants that I cut up for another project. My intention was to create an elastic waistband on the skirt. But, I didn't follow any tutorial, and it was my first time making an elastic waistband. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I clearly didn't because there's no stretch or give to the waistband. Ah well, when she outgrows it, I'll cut the waistband off and make a new one the right way. Live and learn... :)

It still looks super cute :)

**Note, I actually made this months ago, and never posted it. There still isn't much blog worthy crafting going on here, just lots of unpacking and organizing. I'll get back in the swing and post some new projects, soon. I have to, for my own sanity :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Fun at Boomers!

The home that we moved to is right beside a golf course. My husband is an avid golfer but hasn't golfed much since Taylor was born. Taylor knows that Daddy plays golf and watches golf on TV. Since we moved and we drive by the golf course everyday, she's been asking when Daddy is going to take her golfing. So we decided today, to celebrate Valentine's Day, we would all go to Boomers! to play miniature golf. Not the same as "real" golf but definitely a good introduction to the game for a 3 1/2 yr old. It's also worth mentioning that my husband and I had our first kiss after a double date at Boomers! (actually, it was the same amusement park, but under a different name at the time). That was almost 15 yrs ago! Also interesting to note that I worked at Boomers! in a former lifetime when I was in grad school. I know, not the most glamorous job. It's actually a lot more fun playing at the park than working there ;)

So here's Daddy giving Taylor her first golf lesson. Some deep conversation about the proper way to hold the club. She listened so intently and followed Daddy's instructions.

Then, I showed Taylor the hole and explained that she needed to hit the ball and try to get it in the hole. She immediately said "Why?". Typical 3 yr old.

Overall she did well with the golf. And after golf Daddy took her for a ride in a go-kart.

Eagerly awaiting departure:

And returning to the pit after several fast laps around the track!

She LOVED it! She was giggling and smiling the whole time!

After that we went into the arcade to play some games...

We had a great day!
Happy Valentines Day to all of you! :)

Baby Doll Slumber Party

Have I ever told you how obsessed my daughter is with her dolls? She is always playing with her "babies". I took this pic several weeks ago, but it's a pretty common image in our home. We're often told to "be quiet" because "the babies are sleeping". Just thought I'd share :) .

We're making progress on the house and I will be sharing pics sometime soon!