Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another T-Shirt Dress

I got these T-shirts on a trip to the Goodwill last week. All of their children's clothes were on sale for 99 cents! I bought several big T-Shirts and this is the first of many dresses that I'll be making with them. I used the Lil Blue Boo pattern again and this time I added the ruffle option. Tip: I had some issues with the gathering stitch. Being a beginner sewer I've never made a ruffle or used a gathering stitch. I consulted with Ashley and she gave the essential tip that I needed to start and end my thread long enough that I wouldn't lose the thread when I pulled the other end to gather it. That solved my problem! That Ashley sure knows what she's doing! I love the look of the ruffle!

You can't see the detail of the bird very well, but it's a silver and glittery. I left this one as a halter but the back hangs to low/wide on my long and lean girl so I'll be turning this one into a tie-back just like the other one I made. If I can get my girl to stand still long enough, I'll post some pics of her wearing it!