Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm not one of those moms

I was first sucked into the blogosphere a few months ago. I had been keeping a family blog, and then my friend Jen informed me of the fact that people blog about CRAFTING! I immediately became obsessed with reading blogs and drooling over all the creative projects that all these people were doing. And it struck me. Most of these women take beautiful pictures of their children creating educational, fun, thrifty art projects and precious memories that will last a lifetime. Many of these bloggers seem to have it all together. Amidst their beautiful photos of their beautiful families and their beautiful creations, they blog about their great organization tips and decorating ideas. Those moms seem to have these perfect little lives with no worries.

While I admire those moms and enjoy their blogs, I'm not one of those moms. I'm a crafty mom. Definitely. I have a beautiful, fun daughter. Definitely. And I have a very smart, supportive and good looking husband. Definitely. I'm even pretty cute myself. I like to be organized, but it definitely takes a lot of effort and most of the time - ssshhhh - my house is a distaster. I often craft surrounded by piles of clutter. Sometimes, my daughter even has a dirty face! ...I. KNOW. I have a really hard time keeping up with the laundry. I often get distracted while cooking and end up burning dinner. I'm often too engrossed in my crafting or blogging and my husband cooks dinner! I'm learning how to bake and I've definitely had my share of overflowing muffin tins, underdone cakes and overly crunchy cookies. My daughter doesn't always eat her veggies. And, sometimes, I'm too tired to fight about it. Sometimes...I even argue with my husband, Gasp! I. KNOW. And...are you ready for this one?...most of the time, my craft projects don't turn out perfect. I'm just good at fixing my mistakes ; ). Maybe someday I'll post a list of all my crafting bloopers...starting that draft now!

So, I tell you all of this because I like to keep it real. I don't wantchya to think I'm some fab blogging mom who makes all this cute stuff and has the perfect little family. No, I'm not one of those moms. And I don't want to pretend to be. I'm just me. The one who crafts to stay sane amidst the laundry and the bills and the constantly ringing phone and the busy kitchen and the toys all over the floor and the daily chaos of life!


Laura said...

ha ha! i love this post- I was just thinking about starting a new blog about my very imperfect crafting and parenting adventures, because sometimes (well most of the time) I feel very inadequate when reading the mommy crafty blogs, even though i think the ideas are incredible- I just wonder do they sleep? My blog will be about slogging through the realities of life and making art despite it and include my half finished projects all over the house. Anyway, just had to say that I loved this post and your fabric scrapbook pages are amazing!

A.Marie.Wilson said...

What an honest post. I love it. I'm not a mom yet, but I know I will be very soon and the idea of trying to keep up with what a mom is now, can be intimadating. What you wrote is very freeing!

Thank you!
Ashley Marie Wilson

annarisinger27 said...

This was SO Funny! You have a gift with words. So enjoyable to read and, might I add, refreshing! Keep up the perfectly, imperfect, perfection ;-)