Monday, June 15, 2009

Taylor's Apron

I was on an apron kick the weekend I made this apron. I started by making a similar version of the apron above for myself, using the same fabric. But, mine is a little more complex I got the body sewn together and it's been sitting on my dining table ever since. It's waitign patiently for me to add the neck straps, waist ties, pockets, and rick rack trim. In the meantime, I decided I wanted to make a simple apron for Taylor, too with matching fabric. I picked up the fabric on clearance at Kohl's after Christmas. It's actually a tablecloth and I absolutely love it!!!! What d'ya think?I could do a tutorial if you want me to...(I know you're still waiting for the tutorial for my 1/2 apron. I'm sorry. I'm planning to make another one soon and I promise I will post a tutorial!).


Alisha Whitfield said...

Your blog is ADORABLE!!! I Love these ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing them! You are so Clever!!

Crafty Mom said...

Thanks Alisha! I'm glad you found me and are enjoying my ideas!