Monday, May 25, 2009

Dishtowel Apron

I found these incredibly adorable dishtowels at HomeGoods last Saturday evening when I took a much needed break from the joys of an overtired, whiny, molar getting 3 yr old! Aren't they the prettiest dishtowels you've ever seen? They had several other ones that were just as pretty. I took so long to decide which ones to buy. And the price was really good! I got the pink pack (5) for $7.99. The turquoise pack was $4.00! So, when I bought them, I knew that I'd be making at least 1 half apron. After realizing how easy and fun they are to make, I decided I'll be making a lot more of these! I'll post a tutorial soon to show you what a simple project this is.

I love how it turned out. I always feel so much more domestic when I wear an apron.Even if I don't actually do any housework while I'm wearing it, I immediately feel as though I'm getting things done around the house.