Sunday, October 4, 2009


This was the perfect way to start our weekend! Taylor had her first gymnastics class yesterday morning. We enrolled her at a local community center in the same class as her BFF. As I've mentioned before, my girl is constantly on the go, high energy and absolutely loves when Daddy flips her in the air and throws her up in the sky. She started doing somersaults around 18 months and even in the womb the girl loved doing backflips. So, of course, gymnastics seemed like the natural choice for her first "extracurricular activity". I also spent several years in gymnastics as a kid and loved every minute of it, so I'm more than happy to share this love with my favorite girl.

There are 6 girls in the class, it's an hr long, every Saturday morning. I thought they would do floor exercises (somersaults and other movement) but they used the bars, the balance beam and a floor track (I think I've got the name of that right!). The floor track is like a long straight trampoline that the kids ran down, jumped down and bounced on. I would have liked to try it! They didn't have that at the YMCA, when I was a kid!

Anyway, she loved every minute of the class, and often ran over to us after conquering a new challenge and shouted "I DID IT!" with an overwhelming sense of pride.

Here are a few pics from her session:

(That's her BFF in front of her!)

We're all so excited to go back next week!