Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Fashion

Taylor is all about fashion, right now. And, she is all about dresses and polka-dots. Polka-dot dresses are the ultimate high for her! The weather has finally cooled down but she's still insisting on wearing dresses. She doesn't have many fall dresses, so today I went on a mission to Target. I bought (well, actually Grammie paid for - - Thanks, Mom!) a few long sleeve white T-shirts that she can wear under her summer dresses. But of course, I had to look at the fall dresses. I came across this adorable brown sweater dress that was already on clearance. My brown-eyed girl looks beautiful in brown, so of course I had to scoop it up. Then, I went searching for tights...I got these polka-dot ones and an absolutely adorable pair of flowered ones. I also picked up the cute mary-jane shoes and some adorable brown boots. (She's on a trend of wearing pretty dresses with hiking boots...Daddy thinks it's cute, I prefer more girly boots with dresses).

And...these pants, are currently cut up into pieces on my cutting table (oh, wait, it's actually a dining table?) so stay tuned to see what I make with them!


Ashley said...

Awww. she's so cute!