Monday, February 27, 2012

Take Time to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Taylor didn't go to school today because she's had a bad cold all weekend. She's much better today, but I decided to go ahead and keep her home since she's still coughing a fair bit and low on energy. I had an appointment for myself and I brought her along. As we headed out the door, I grabbed my camera and stuffed it in my purse. On the way there, we discovered a surprise field of wildflowers! As I pointed out the flowers to Taylor, I was instantly happy I had my camera. When I asked if we could stop on the way back so we could take some pictures and pick some flowers, she squealed with delicious 5 yr old delight and said "Yes!".

I'm so glad I had my camera because I love the shots I got! Of course, I like to keep it real and these pictures don't capture some of the other details of this spontaneous sidetrack in our day, so I'll fill you in on some details. Taylor was scared of the ants on the ground, she didn't like the feel of the weeds on her feet because she was wearing sandals, and she was whining about a few bees we saw while wandering in the field. I was worried as we picked the flowers that a cop would drive by and fine us because I believe picking wild flowers in the state of California is a crime. Oh, and the "field" it wasn't much of a "field". It was actually an empty corner lot at a very busy intersection. But a field of wildflowers sounds much more magical than an empty corner lot, doesn't it?

I edited these photos using free actions from The Pioneer Woman. On the first photo I used Lovely and Ethereal. On the second one I used Sunshine. And on the third photo I used Soft and Faded. I think that last one is one of my new favorite photos.

Thanks for reading. I hope you're having a good day, and remember to take time to create a little magic and stop and smell the flowers. :)