Monday, July 25, 2011

She Had 3 Hearts Art Journaling Workshop {Christy Tomlinson}


I am SOOOO excited to start the She Had 3 Hearts Art Journaling workshop today! Of course, I have to get through my workday first, and then head to Taylor's first swimming lessons, and then sometime mid-evening, I'll be able to take a peak at all the goodness and then I'll really delve into the videos after Taylor's in bed and I have some uninterrupted time to watch the videos.

I've been working on a few canvases in various stages since my last post. Thank you all SO much for your kind comments. :) I've also been trying to nurse my hand back to health. An arthritis flare last weekend and into Monday, resulted in numbness in my right thumb. As of Tuesday, doc had diagnosed it as tendinitis and put me on oral steroids. Finally, tonight, I've gotten some relief from the pins and needles sensation. Makes it difficult to complete most daily tasks and it has certainly impacted my art making this week. I guess that's what I get for trying to catch up on housework and organizing! ;)

Anyway, now that I seem to be on the mend, I'm definitely looking forward to playing in my journal and absorbing all the creative juice that Christy has to offer. If you'd like to join the workshop, there's still time! Just head on over to her blog and read this post and register. After my experience in her She Art Workshop, I can tell you, Christy does not disappoint!

I'm still working on my collection for The Summer of Color, as well, but I haven't finished my red or brown piece. I'll get back in the groove and post and then link back up with this week's color of Purple! And of course, you can always join in on The Summer of Color, still, too!


Beverley Baird said...

I have signed on for the course as well and am overwhelmed by all that Christy will be giving us! I want to bre a sponge and take it all in!
All the best with your hand.

Kristin said...

SO good to see you yesterday! SO FUNNY - still laughed about it last night - see you in Michaels next! Also wanted to remind you to enter Tam's giveaway - see the button on my sidebar to sign up! xoxo

Georgie Horn said...

Come by for my first Blog giveaway!

Kristin said...

Hey Girl!
Whatcha been up to? xoxoxo