Monday, August 23, 2010

Handmade Camera Bag

This is bag is based on a purse that I already had, but I wanted it to be larger and padded to accommodate my camera. It's roomy enough for my camera body w/ 2 lenses, a photography book, my wallet, cell phone and keys. I absolutely love it!
I purchased the fabric in Canada last summer because,'s got all my favorite colors AND flowers! It doesn't get much better than that! I picked up the coordinating fabrics at JoAnns to add some detail to the adjustable strap and the side pockets.

The bag is very versatile. I can see it in different sizes all the way from child size to a full size diaper bag. I'm thinking of making it available as a PDF pattern/tutorial for a nominal fee (less than $10). Let me know if you're interested. I haven't written the tutorial, and I already know a few things I would tweak on the pattern. And, of course, I'd need pattern testers to test it out before I made the PDF available for sale. :>


Cristi said...

If you need a beginner sewer to test out the pattern, I volunteer. I would absolutely love to make a bag like this one.

Jaana said...

I love the bag. Did you get the results of Taylor's tests yet?

Jen said...

Sew cute!!!!

Karen said...

Love the bag and the colors!