Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Easel/Art Station

Here it is...This is what I did with that polka-dot vinyl. When most people are laid up with the flu they sleep. They worry about what e-mails and unfinished tasks await them when they return to work. They worry about housework piling up. But, when craft addicts have the flu, they lay in bed and plan their next craft project. That's what I did when I was hit with a flu bug a few weeks ago. And when I shared my idea with my husband, he rolled his eyes. When my ideas became more elaborate, he went to Home Depot with me and helped with the construction of the art station. And Taylor LOVES it.

I've always wanted her to have an easel, but I just couldn't justify the cost and the space it would take up. Creating an art station with storage for art supplies and a table top easel was the perfect solution. The white shelf and cubby are from Target. The tabletop easel is from Michael's. It's $19.99 and of course I used a coupon and got 40% off. The easel comes unfinished, so I had hubby spray paint it a sunny yellow. I'm really loving yellow, lately. such a happy color!

This is a drying rack that we added for her paintings. It's made from a wire shelf from Home Depot that was less than $5. Hubby attached it with hooks and then created the bar mechanism to hold it up.

Handmade storage boxes using foam core covered with the vinyl to hold her paper.

The folded vinyl beside it is a drop cloth.

And more storage boxes to hold pads of paper and other supplies.

It will live in our kitchen but the lighting is better in this area for photos.

Hubby added casters to the bottom so it can easily be rolled from room to room and even outside. The casters have brakes to hold it in place when in use. The vinyl makes everything wipeable for easy clean-up and worry free creating!

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aware said...

What a great spot for creating masterpieces!

Nicole Durtschi said...

I totally need to make one of these to keep all my daughters things in ONE place. The drying rack is genious! Thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful idea! I think we all need one of these . . . I hope she loves it, Kristin xo