Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Tidy Up Basket

That's what I need. I feel like my craft space is in a constant state of needing to be tidied up. It's seems as though I am constantly putting things away, yet my desk is always a mess (Perhaps it seems that way because it actually is at that way!). You see, the fact that hubby & I actually share this office space means that when he meets with clients, he needs some space on the desk I use for crafting. So, he tells me "Hey, so and so is coming over, clear some space". So, I basically take the stuff that's accumulated on the desk and shove it to one end of the desk, thus "clearing space". Not a very efficient or organized method. So, I'm left with a pile of supplies and miscellaneous things at the end of our not so big desk that then need to be put away or searched through when I'm doing my next project. I think if I had a "Tidy Up Basket" I could contain all of the stuff and set it out of the way when hubby needs the space and then put the items away where they belong when I have a free moment. What do you think? Sounds like a good system, to me. Off to find a basket...